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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arch4J?

Arch4J is a software architecture written to simplify and define best practice development based on the J2EE platform.

What does it include?

Arch4J is a growing base of code and design patterns which have proven useful to its contributors in the past. This includes a wrapper around data access, business services which may exist in an EJB environment, a configurable code generator, logging, exception handling, value and validation objects, a JMS wrapper, and property management. Currently work is being done on Java security models and an abstraction layer above persistence management.

What if I don't need all that?

Each component described above exists as a separate module. There are very few interdependencies so that developers may pick and choose whatever pieces fit their needs.

Who should use Arch4J?

Arch4J is worth a look by anyone interested in enterprise Java development.

What is the history of Arch4J?

The original developers of Arch4J are a bunch of software consultants who got tired of rewriting architecture code for every new project. After developing similar architectures for many different clients, they decided to gather their efforts and came up with Arch4J.

Are there any examples running on Arch4J?

Lunch-o-Matic is the example project.

I've heard people pronounce it 'Arch4J' with a 'ch' sound, like church. Shouldn't it be pronounced with a 'k' sound, as in ARCHitecture?


What about the front end?

We recommend taking a look at Struts.

Build environment?

The build environment is based on Ant.

Unit testing?

Unit testing is based on the JUnit framework.

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