Arch4J 1.1

Package org.arch4j.persistence.domainmapper

Interface Summary
IdentifierGenerator This interface defines the methods that unique identifier generators must implement in order to fit into the SpiderLogic persistence framework.

Class Summary
BaseDomain The base class of all domain objects.
BaseDomainMapper Abstract super class for all domain mappers.
DomainCacheController This static singleton allows domain managers to register for VM-wide domain cache clearing.
DomainMapperConstants This class contains constants available to the SpiderLogic persistence framework.
IdentifierGeneratorProvider This class is the main provider for unique identifier generation services.
IndentifierGeneratorTest This class tests the functionality of the identifier generator provider.
JugRandomBasedUuidGenerator This class implements the IdentifierGenerator interface to provide a random-based UUID generator.
JugTimeBasedUuidGenerator This class implements the IdentifierGenerator interface to provide a time-based UUID generator.
PersistableList This class implements the List interface in order to manage the persistent state of its contained items.
ValueHelper Defines constants of default values

Exception Summary
ConcurrencyException Thrown to indicate a concurrency exception.

Arch4J 1.1

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