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Welcome to Arch4J

Arch4J is an open source Java architecture framework that provides an infrastructure of services to support enterprise development. The framework specifies what the services are, but does not does not dictate how they are implemented. The framework gives business logic developers a standard, stable interface to all of the non-business code. Included are a layered set of modular service providers that facilitate development of business services, data access, messaging, domain validation, logging, property file management, an exception framework, a code generator and more.

The central goal in developing enterprise applications is the isolation of business logic and business activities into well-thought-out classes with atomic actions triggering the business logic. In order to get there, the developer uses many non-business related services to do the work. Many of these services have been provided by the Java language and its extensions, but many are changing or are proprietary solutions.

By defining a sufficient solution as an API facade over changing or competing implementations of the same service, the developer can design and implement the important business code without worrying about changes to the services being used.

Many companies that are just starting to do Java development either haven't had the time to design this set of services or haven't realized yet that they are needed. This framework can be used as a jump start into the Java world allowing developers to immediately begin working on the business code.

Get Started

The Arch4J project is both stable with tested releases and active with ongoing development. This page is designed to give you a center point of access to current releases, documentation, and development. The index on the left will lead you to a variety of guides intended to make Arch4J accessible to software developers decided on using Enterprise Java. The User Guides section indexes a good introduction guide and guides on installation and development. The Module Guides section lists documentation specific to each of Arch4J's task specific modules. The Development section links to the main project page hosted on SourceForge and other development pages.

The documentation for some Arch4J modules is currently incomplete. For any module of interest, you might take a look at the existing Javadoc. Also, the code itself is typically straightforward. The User's and Developer's mailing lists are a growing point of discussion.

Get Involved

The Arch4J project is based on the experience of many developers who were tired of developing the same architectural code time and again for various clients. They witnessed the value of a stable architecture and decided to recreate the code using best practice designs and open source it to the world.

In the spirit of open source development, it is hoped that those who find Arch4J useful for their own project needs will contribute back with enhancements, ideas, criticisms, and bug finds. Of course, compliments are accepted too.

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