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Release 1.1 (Arch4J - Full)
  • The new-style, XML-driven property manager has been released. See the updated component guide in the Properties documentation section.
  • The Java Class Generator now recognizes when a method is part of an interface. The method is written out like an abstract method, but the abstract keyword is not applied. The JavaSourceFile has a new flag that can be set to generate full class names for imports. The JavaSourceFile also has an additional, separate copyright comment attribute which (if specified) will be written out ahead of the package name.
  • Data access component has been updated. It is now possible to use this component with other connection pools in a application server like WebLogic and WebSphere. The provider can be used for both Driver Manager and data sources. It is best to use a data source if you are using an application server. There is also a connection pool implementation provided if desired. This connection pool has ben provided using the jakarta dbcp commons package. The SQL helper classes like Select, Insert, etc. have been moved to a new package org.arch4j.dataaccess.common.
  • The data access component is now transaction-aware. Operations should be grouped within an AtomicOperationCommand and they will be executed as a single transaction to the database.
  • The logging component now includes an implementation for the Sun J2SE 1.4 logging framework.
  • An implementation of the command-driven FrontController has been added as a new sub-component of the client controller component. The idea comes from Martin Fowler's excellent book, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (ISBN: 0-321-12742-0). See pp. 344-349.
  • A provider interface has been created in the persistence domain mapper component for creating UUIDs (GUIDs in the Windows world). The IdentifierGeneratorProvider is used to get a generator. Various facades on the Java Uuid Generator package provide the implementation.
Release 1.1 (Arch4J UI)
  • Various bug fixes and additional documentation has been added to the UI component.
  • The version number has been incremented to line up with the main Arch4J release.
Release 1.0.3 (Arch4J - Full)
  • The persistence mechanism has been modified and tested to correctly implement update and create functionality. It will automatically join or create a new transaction then perform the function. It commits only if it had started a new transaction Querying is now transaction aware and will only return bound objects if a transaction was already in progress. In other words, if you call the query method with no transaction it will return with no transaction.
  • The Java Class Generator now has support for all Java keywords, e.g. transient, volatile, strictfp, native. The generator will now include or exclude code generation based on whether the object is a class or interface, not whether it is abstract.
  • Updated build.xml files for the main project and for each component.
  • Web site documentation has been added for base logging, exceptions, property management and base services.
Release 1.0.3 (Arch4J UI)
  • The UI Framework is it's own package on SourceForge.
  • Added new Table components for manipulating objects in a read only table.
  • New features in PropertiesPanel including enabling and disabling text fields.
  • Added support for navigating to the next node in the tree.
  • Enhanced the AbstractSplashScreen to show more information as well as show startup messages.
Release 1.0.2
  • Added UI Framework.
  • Added adapters for Websphere to Messaging and BaseServices.
  • Small changes to Persistence Framework.
Release 1.0.1

Changed to be JDK1.4 compliant, added JBoss EJB container support, other minor fixes.

Release 1.0

This release breaks out the components into separate source structures for easier development/deployment/versioning. Also, repackaged the code to remove the framework and provider levels.

Release 0.9.3

This release concentrates on the DataAccess component of Arch4J. We have made the framework much more flexible by adding a visitor into the architecture. We have also added connection pooling.

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